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All client data are always encrypted. Encryption is applied for data at rest (when your data are stored in the database or backup files) or in transit (for instance when the data are exchanged between your web browser and the server)

The industry standard, modern and strong encryption methods are used to protect your data. Data at rest are typically encrypted using the Advanced Encryption System (AES), whereas Transport Layer Security (TLS) is applied for encryption of data before they are transmitted.

Access to data is strictly limited. Only the specifically designated members of Evidend personnel may have access to your data for purposes of system maintenance and operations.

Passwords are actually never stored on Evidend servers or elsewhere. Modern cryptographic functions are used for password storage and checking.

Yes, all client data and documents are backed up daily. Backup files are protected in exactly the same way as any other client data (see above).

All data are stored in secured data centers which are physically located in the Netherlands.

Evidend is an innovation initiative of a major Dutch bank. Development process of Evidend application is subject of regular scrutiny by the IT security teams within the bank. Beside others, the following practices are part of Evidend software development life cycle:

  • Adherence to the bank’s IT Security requirements is checked before approval is given to process customer data
  • Data encryption and integrity protection check by a security officer
  • Process for detection and reporting of security breaches must be in place
  • Penetration test by an independent party is conducted

Part of the security responsibilities lies with you as a user of Evidend application:

  • Choose a strong password
  • Do not share your password with anyone
  • Do not share your user account with other members of your organization
  • Always log out from the application when you’re done using it

Phishing is a kind of cyber attack in which a malicious party sends an email pretending that they are someone you trust, with the intention of stealing your private and sensitive data.Evidend will never contact you via email requesting any private and sensitive data such as your bank details, addresses, passwords or similar. Should you receive any such email, please ignore it and do not respond to it. Contact us immediately at hello@evidend.com

Please contact us at hello@evidend.com or call +31 20 210 1359. We will act upon your report immediately and with the highest priority.

Please contact us at hello@evidend.com or call +31 20 210 1359

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